Event Services & Products

Areas Altan Gallery provides product design & development services, but not limited to:

All of the services we provide have one common goal, achieving maximum impact by creating an unforgettable end product in terms of outstanding design, high quality provided with excellent service, professional  and organized execution. We provide the complete range of services to our client in order to ensure a cohesive end product which portrays the product/company image and relays the message behind the product.  Our company’s philosophy  is to create amazing designs using the most exquisite materials & embellishments with maximum eco-friendly processing & finished materials.

  1. Consultation & Concept Development
  2. Design
  3. Coordination
  4. Packaging & Delivery
  5. Management
    – Development
    – Event
    – Marketing
    – Hospitality
    – Commissioned Artwork


Discussion for gathering the client’s input, thoughts, ideas and details, regarding their upcoming event. After understanding the direction we are to go on, Altan Gallery designers will take the lead in suggesting different options. We shall offer our concepts and design ideas with detailed images to provide more clarity of the event’s design. The process may generate several options for the concept design along with promotional and marketing ideas.


Event Design

  • Develop concept for the event – image/theme
  • Logo/design for branding client’s products/event products
    Event Stationery and marketing collateral are designed to create one-of-a-kind extraordinary event/product/company image. Invitations, Menus, Programs, Event Cards, Guest Seating Chart, Table Number/Name Cards, Tags, Labels, Envelopes, Calendars, fliers, Posters, Brochures, Post Cards …
  • Event Products (customized promotional/gift and retail products such as etched wine glasses, embroidered and silk screened shirts, silk screened scarves, mugs, hats, umbrellas, mugs, bags, totes, packaging, marketing collateral, event badges, commemorative programs…)

Product Design

  • Create designs for product/packaging and for focused products/packaging for special events
  • Design company brand, logo, image reflecting the company’s philosophy/message which will play a direct role in promoting and marketing the product. Designed to create one-of-a-kind extraordinary event/product/company image. Logos, Business Cards, Post Cards, Brochures, Calendars, Fliers, Posters, Menus, Programs, Invitations, Event & Insert Cards, Guest Seating Chart, Table Number/Name Cards, Tags, Labels, Envelopes …
  • Work with extraordinary group of artists, who we collaborate with, in order to provide one-of-a-kind artwork, following the design concept/image. With the aid of our creative designs and artwork, your product will be sure to make a great impact on your targeted audience
  • Can design but not limited to Logos, Stationery, Textiles, Jewelry, Home Furnishings & Accessories, Gifts, Food Packaging, Catalogs, Product Packaging…


Event coordination is the process of planning and organizing all the details leading up to the day of the event. This includes creating a list with the various vendors the client is going to work with for the event. Coordination also includes scheduling the milestones on the event day. There can be details regarding floor plans, staff coordination and assigning responsibilities. There could be coordinating site plans, transportation, accommodations, hospitality services and other custom services for that event. Altan Gallery can provide coordination and management services on the event day, for more information please look under management-event section listed below.


To provide a more complete service to our clients, Altan Gallery offers not only to design and manage development of the product/event, we can provide a complete assembled product for delivery. This is product/event specific and always to the client’s specifications. The service may include the custom designed product be placed in the custom packaging, with stickers or tags, that has to be assembled and place in a container/basket with trimmings/accessories along with promotional marketing materials. Each client’s packaging is specific to them, so we can accommodate whatever the client requires us to prepare for their product or event.


We can oversee and manage the product from designing it, development to delivery. We work with a wide range of global manufacturers and are able to offer management services for sourcing, development and packaging.

Manage coordination and communication with vendors on behalf of the client

  1. Production
    Communicate with the manufacturer and provide details regarding the development of the product to it design parameters.
  2. Implementation
    Coordinate and oversee execution of all the event milestones on the event day. This includes scheduling, staff responsibilities, floor plan, site & vendor coordination, client specific details – gifts, favors, menus, table setting accents…
  3. Delivery
    Oversee assembly & packaging specifications for gifts, promotional and marketing products.


  • Interface with various vendors to ensure the design of the product/event will retain it’s integrity
  • Present various methods for retail & promotional marketing of product/event
  • Design/concept of an event is followed through in all the marketing collateral
  • Develop Media Focused Lists – for press kits/releases with invitations, promotional products

For High Profile Clients, Celebrities and Other Event Guests

  1. Hosting Services
  2. Organize Client’s Event related services
  3. Coordinate Client’s Personal services

Commissioned Artwork
We work closely with our talented artisans to create unique designs in two and three dimensions for special events, company/product launches and prototype generation of our client’s product/event. The artwork can be created in multiple mediums, from sculptures in metal, glass, clay, ice, textile, wood, plastic and other elements. With the aid of such creative designs and artwork, your event or product can take your guests to another place and time.

  • Working with our designs and with our talented artisans, we can create a unique dimensional focal centerpiece for special event.
  • Accomplished painters are able to transform blank walls and ceilings into masterpiece paintings.
  • Professional artists include painters, jewelry designers, textile designers, glass artists and packaging & product designers to name a few.