Event Coordination & Management


Event coordination is the process of planning and organizing all the details leading up to the day of the event and the event day itself.

2 Types of Coordination Services: (select either services or both).

  • Coordination/Management on the actual event day
  • Full Planning & coordination prior to the event day

We create to do lists for the bride, various vendors working on your event… Coordination also includes scheduling the milestones on the event day. There can be details regarding floor plans, staff coordination and assigning responsibilities. There could be coordinating site plans, transportation, accommodations, hospitality services and other custom services for the event(s).

Services Prior to event day:

  • Assist in the selection vendors and venues. (photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, musicians, d.j., lighting, cake-pastry provider, limousine service, hair stylist, make-up artist, mendhi artist, facility for the event, venue for other events prior and post main event day…)
  • Assist in the selection of products/details for the event.  (favors, gifts, cake tasting, food & cocktail tastings, stationery, flowers, decorations…)
  • Assist in planning events prior and post main event.  (bridal shower, bachelor & bachelorete party, rehearsal dinner, activities for the men:  golf, attending a baseball/football game, sailing…, activities for the ladies:  spa day, wine tasting, city & museum tour…)
  • Assist in all the details for the bride and groom’s preparation for the wedding & pre-wedding events. (attire, accessories, hair stylist, make-up artist, personal flowers, mendhi artist, spa…)
  • Destination management(guest transportation,  hotel accommodations, activities reservations…)
  • Coordinate schedule for vendors to facilitate services at the various venues.
  • Create schedules for the bride & Groom, Venue, vendors, coordinator for the event day.
  • Create a vendor & contact list for the event.
  • Create a list of all items which need to be taken to the various venue(s) for the event(s) prior to the event.
  • Help with layout design and details for the venue.
  • Oversee production of various products for the event.
  • Verify delivery of all products and services provided by the vendors prior to the event.
  • Help verify and provide a second pair of eyes to look over all the details of all your hired vendor services/products.
  • Assist in preparing gratuity envelopes for all the vendors & servers.


Event Day Coordination Services:

  • Follow up 2 days before the event and verify all details, products and services with the vendors and go over the schedule of set up and break down for the event.
  • Verify all items required for the event are present and accounted for at the venue(s) prior to the event day set up.
  • Verify all vendors arrive at scheduled times.
  • Handle vendor/venue issues regarding the event – set up, break down, during the event.
  • Ensuring all vendor products & services are set up according to the layout and executed to the planned design.
  • Overseeing the schedule for various tasks prior, during and after the event on the event day.
  • Assist bride, groom and family keep track of their schedule and anything they may need assistance with.
  • Assist Bride and groom in coordinating various stages of the wedding, cocktail hour and reception.
  • Assist in distribution of gratuity envelopes to all the vendors & servers.
  • Ensure that all items are cleared up after the event.
  • Oversee return of all vendor rentals and return any items left behind from the event to the bride and groom or an appointed friend/family member.



  • Development – We can oversee and manage the product from designing it, development to delivery. We work with a wide range of global manufacturers and are able to offer management services for sourcing, development and packaging.
  • Event – Manage coordination and communication with vendors on behalf of the client
  1. Production
    Communicate with the manufacturer and provide details regarding the development of the product to it design parameters.
  2. Implementation
    Coordinate and oversee execution of all the event milestones on the event day. This includes scheduling, staff responsibilities, floor plan, site & vendor coordination, client specific details – gifts, favors, menus, table setting accents…
  3. Delivery
    Oversee assembly & packaging specifications for gifts, promotional and marketing products.
  • Marketing
  1. Interface with various vendors to ensure the design of the product/event will retain it’s integrity
  2. Present various methods for retail & promotional marketing of product/event
  3. Design/concept of an event is followed through in all the marketing collateral
  4. Develop Media Focused Lists – for press kits/releases with invitations, promotional products
  • Hospitality – For High Profile Clients, Celebrities and Other Event Guests
  1. Hosting Services
  2. Organize Client’s Event related services
  3. Coordinate Client’s Personal need services
  • Commissioned Artwork

We work closely with our talented artisans to create unique designs in two and three dimensions for special events, company/product launches and prototype generation of our client’s product/event. The artwork can be created in multiple mediums, from sculptures in metal, glass, clay, ice, textile, wood, plastic and other elements. With the aid of such creative designs and artwork, your event or product can take your guests to another place and time.

  1. Working with our designs and with our talented artisans, we can create a unique dimensional focal centerpiece for special event.
  2. Accomplished painters are able to transform blank walls and ceilings into masterpiece paintings.
  3. Professional artists include painters, jewelry designers, textile designers, glass artists and packaging & product designers to name a few.