Gift Baskets/Containers

Our Packaging Design Team will design your products, packaging, embellishments, related marketing materials, oversee production and assembly of all the items in a finished presentation package.  Please view our complete Gifts Packaging Samples in the photo gallery.

  • Provide a more complete service to our clients, Altan Gallery offers not only to design and manage development of the product/event, we can provide a complete assembled product for delivery. This is product/event specific and always to the client’s specifications.
  • The service may include the custom designed product be placed in the custom packaging, with stickers or tags, that has to be assembled and place in a container/basket with trimmings/embellishments along with promotional marketing materials. Each client’s packaging is specific to them, so we can accommodate whatever the client requires us to prepare for their product or event.
  • Event Packaging is an intricate part of setting the tone and style of the event, the table setting, making your guests feel special and welcomed.
  1. Promotional corporate give -away gifts are items such as tote bags, laptop bags, backpacks, coffee mugs, computer mouse pads, trophies, plaques.
  2. Favors & gifts for events include custom hand embroidered silk pouches, unique paper/Eco-friendly boxes for favors, personalized gift baskets, gift bags, keepsake boxes.


  • You have the option having us assemble a completely finished package with all the custom embellishments for the favors/gift packages or assembling them yourselves.
  • Our company’s philosophy  is to create amazing designs using the most exquisite materials & embellishments with maximum eco-friendly processing & finished materials.

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