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Altan Gallery-Event Design Specialists is an extraordinarily creative and unique event design & production company.  We custom Design and Manufacture One-of-a-Kind Couture Invitations for all your Special Events.  The Invitations you send out will impress and set the tone, building anticipation and a buzz for your guests to attend the upcoming “don’t miss” event.  We serve private and corporate clients who are looking to create dazzling events with the use of custom couture invitations & event stationery designed stylishly to represent them or to portray their message.

Our company has acquired exceptional accomplished artists–trendsetters who are responsible for producing exquisite stationery, using outstanding designs, texture, papers, printing techniques and creative embellishments to create a work of art.   The event design is kept in mind as the stationery is created, to ensure fluidity of event design with maximum impact.   Our stationery designer works closely with the graphic designer and the printer to ensure the desired end product. The stationary designer also oversees the packaging and assembly of the invitations and other coordinated event stationery.  Some of our works have included Venetian glass with 24K gold inside the glass, beautiful Swarovski crystal pieces, and semi- precious gemstones.    Some of our embellishments can be reused as pendants on a necklace, and some of our invitation covers can be reused as photo frames displaying family pictures.  We design with the purpose of creating beautiful products that can be elegantly reused.  Our mission is to always create with the purpose of “knocking the socks off “our special clients and to give their guests an event they will enjoy and remember.  Our company’s philosophy is to create amazing designs using the most exquisite materials with maximum eco-friendly products and be so irresistible that they will be reused as personal embellishments & decorative purposes at your home or office.      Please view Stationery Samples in the photo gallery.

Some of the EVENT STATIONERY ITEMS we can provide:  Invitations (Main Invitation, Save-The-Date, RSVP, Reception, Directions, Event Cards…), Money Envelopes, Gift Tags, Stickers, Labels, Custom Stamps, Invitation Bands, Custom Favor Boxes & Containers, Guest Place Cards, Seating Chart & Floor Plan Boards, Table Number Cards, Dinner & Cocktail Menus, Ceremonial Programs, Chocolate Bar Wrappers, Napkins, Coasters, Wine Bottle Labels, Gift Tags, Auction Bid Sheets, Promotional Marketing Materials (calendars, magnets, company logo mouse pads…) and any other product you may need.

CORPORATE STATIONERY:  Altan Gallery can  develop and design a company’s logo and all the associated stationery coordinated with the look, style and image of a company and the message they are trying to portray.   Our custom corporate invitations will create excitement and sets a precedence for the unique event your guests will be attending.  We can also build up all the business stationery, from business cards to  company brochures.  Some types of companies we have designed for:  Real Estate Company & Agents, Jewelry, Investment, Art Gallery, Hotel, Printing, Rental, Florist, Photography, Stationery, Decorators.

WHAT SETS US APART?  Highest standards of design, creativity, uniqueness, quality, service and technique, defined in more detail below.

  • Printing:

    600-year-old technology of the letterpress along with embossing, thermography ink, metallic foiling and any other cool methods we can find.

  • Techniques:

    Stitching & embroidery on the stationery materials, press, hand painted watercolor, flocking/felting, three dimensional accents made of various materials and more

  • Paper:

    We use most beautiful papers from all over the world, rich in color, composition and technique. We have paper with amazing texture simulating from textiles to embossed metal sheeting. We focus on using recycled paper/materials for our products.

  • Design:

    World class designers with experience working for major couture designers from all over the world. Strive to design uniquely, trying to always provide our clients with the very best, over the top, better than anything else out there. We aim to be the trend setters.

  • Dimensional Design:

    Adding more texture, some of our custom cards have die cuts and cut outs for a very rich and unique dimension. We use other unexpected elements to add a 3-dimensional look and feel.

  • Enclosure:

    Our Invitations are designed to have the “WOW” effect. They have from simple & elegant to bold & artistic enclosure devices.

  • Construction:

    Our cards are designed to be extraordinary in terms of opening of the card. They are like a magical puzzle box with unique ways of opening the card which is part of the design of the card. The cards are larger than average cards, to make a larger than life impact. Some of the custom card shapes are contoured to follow the image and concept.

  • Embellishments:

    Custom designed accessories, which are works of art, embellishing our cards is another defining element of our couture invitations. These “crowning jewel” accents are made with: Swarovski crystals, gemstones, fabrics, metal, recycled rubber & paper, elements from mother nature and any darn thing that we can get out hands on which adds a creative “the cherry on top” effect.

  • Materials:

    We like to stretch our imaginations by using elements such as raw silk, textured paper, gold threaded brocade fabric, bamboo, recycled paper, rubber & metals, leaves and other natural materials for our invitation covers, envelopes, inserts and other products.

  • Designer Stamps:

    Custom designed stamps which coordinate with the custom design/theme of your stationery.

  • Inserts Casing:

    The method to hold all the inserts together is Custom designed for each invitation. They vary for each invitation, depending on the design construction of the invitation Cover.

  • Dynamic Designers:

    Great combination of a textile/graphic designer and an event/graphic designer.

    Our Textile/Graphic designer received a Bachelor’s of Science in Textile Chemistry and Engineering and holds a Master’s Degree in Textile Design. She has another skill which benefits our client’s, being a painter, she brings yet another artistic aspect to her designing. She has worked in Italy, where she designed for Chanel, Lancôme, Ungaro, YSL and Hermes. She is an accomplished designer who has contributed to the success of brands such as Nautica, Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.

    Our Graphic/Event designer is an artist who holds a Computer Science Engineering Degree has designed high-end marketing collateral for businesses from developing concepts & images to creating all the graphics.   Founder of a major event design firm in N. California, she has designed 400+ events, such as Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Functions, Trade Shows, Concert Stages, Fashion Show Stages, Parade Float, Community & Fund-raising Organizations. Quality invitation and product design is an integrate part of event designing, an element she wanted to have available at a high-end level for all of her special clients.


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