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Exceptional Jewelry Designer to Burst onto National Jewelry & Fashion Industry

Minal Patel is a sizzling hot jewelry designer who has developed an extraordinary style & technique for making stunning jewelry.  Her flair in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with striking color and texture has never been designed or captured so gorgeously.

She is a don’t miss designer for Hollywood celebrities, stylists, publicists and the domestic and international press to become familiar with San Francisco-Bay Area’s up and coming nouveau  jewelry designer.   Hollywood’s A-list won’t want to miss the exclusive opportunity to view the pieces in person.  While they can look, they won’t be able to buy or wear that particular piece, given it’s a one-of-a-kind.  Reputation of her work is  catching a lot of  gusto  and spreading fast.  Expect to see more of her work from San Francisco to New York City.

Creative designer,  Minal Patel,  has  developed an extraordinary technique for crafting her unique custom designs.   She thinks “outside the box” to create necklaces, earrings and bracelets beyond  belief.  The results are exquisite works of  art.   There hasn’t been a showing of such  creativity in the world of jewelry and fashion until now.  The cutting edge style is a fusion of various  elements, from the  masters of  glass-work,  gemstone and crystal cutters.  She has an eye  for paying attention to every detail in terms of color, textures, composition, quality, design, construction and presentation that is unmatched.  Her adventurous and zealous attitude comes directly across in her courage to combine elements which is very pleasantly unexpected.  She uses the best Venetian glass, precious metals, natural precious and semi-precious gemstones, peals, Swarovski crystals and natural materials set in sterling silver and  gold  fill.   She has an eye for creating  dynamic, eye-catching jewelry that dress up women’s clothing from high fashion formal to casual.

Ms. Patel’s launching point was early in her career when a prominent client was captured by  her signature jewelry.   This client wore a stunning necklace to a  celebrity filled Hollywood  red carpet affair, attaining media attention.  Clients have reported that the jewelry receives lots of attention and compliments when worn.    Minal’s  jewelry has become their jewelry of  choice,  for every special occasion, vacations and work.   This talented designer can create custom designs, to your specifications.  She provides an exceptional, individually tailored service, using high quality materials, master craftsmanship and  expert designs to not only meet, but to exceed her client’s every expectation.

Minal Patel received  a  Bachelors  Degree  from  UTA.   An  Indian  heritage, born in Africa, residing in California and vacationing in many countries, she has absorbed all  the colors of the diverse cultures she has encountered, in terms of  fashion,  jewelry,  textiles and nature’s beauty, which inspire her breathtaking designs.  Her artistic skills include sculpting,  floral & interior design, painting, drawing, mixed-medium collage, textile creation, event design, stationery design, graphic design, product design & development.  Expect to see more  from this exceptionally talented artist in the very near future.

Visit her website at or contact her (408) 348-1849.

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