Kamlesh & Nisha

Nisha was a wonderful bride who gave me a direction to go in and gave us the creative freedom to come up with a dazzling romantic wedding canopy & dramatic reception stage decor incorporating her colors and a style which suited the banquet hall.

WEDDING:   The  custom tailored wedding canopy featured white pillars, gold chiffon, opulent peonies and classic crystals.  The pillars were accented with a rich two-tone band with peony blossoms.  Hundreds of sparkling crystals draping down to the ground gave an elegant feel to the bride & groom’s backdrop .  The valance of the wedding canopy was made of the rich two-tone fabric, gold chiffon and embellished heavily with large peony blossoms in red, fuchsia and pink.  


RECEPTION:   The dramatic change from the wedding to the reception was accomplished with the style and colors for the reception decor.  The stage had a dual layered backdrop, white sheers in the back with a rich red backdrop one step lower billowing down on the floor.  The red backdrop was tied back with black and white Damask bands.  The reception backdrop was accented with several strands of crystals draping down and tied back with the bands and draping down the red curtains.  The stage decor came alive at night when the red up lights came into play to create a dramatic look.

The entire event turned out beautiful and the bride and groom looked absolutely wonderful together.   Wishing them the best and it was a pleasure having the opportunity of working on their very special day!


Event Design & Coordination:    Altan Gallery Event Design Specialists

Wedding Canopy Floral:    Altan Gallery Event Design Specialists

Music, DJ & Lighting:    Desi Production

Photography:     Marcin & Magdalena Iskra

Floral Design:     A friend of the bride

Cake:     Rick’s Diner

Caterer:     India Oven

Wedding & Reception Venue:    Sacramento Masonic Temple

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