Megan & Vinnie’s Sangeet & Sikh Gurdwara Wedding in San Diego

Perfect sunny 75 degree San Diego winter days are set for Megan & Vinnie’s Sangeet & wedding. Adorable couple, Megan & Vinne have not only found love amongst themselves, but also have brought love and a bond uniting their families into one big loving family. The entire days of festivities was filled with love and joy which everyone felt and enjoyed. 

To share their enthusiasm for their two cultures and traditions coming together, Altan Gallery designed a warm rich color scheme with a rich chocolate brown, tangerine orange, burnt orange with a splash of red and gold for the Sangeet & Mendhi celebration.

Altan Gallery is honored and thankful for having the opportunity to design and work with such gracious clients, the Nijor & Marshall families.

• There was a regal red Mogul entry way arch, embellished with embroidered gold, orange and other colored threads.

• A rich chocolate brown canopy with tangerine orange sashes/backdrop was placed above and behind the mendhi table. Guests were able to sit under the canopy and have henna/mendhi designs artistically placed on their hands. The canopy was embellished with tangerine orange, burnt orange and red peony floral garlands

• There was a tall elegant backdrop set up for the stage where photos were taken, musicians were playing and family & friends were singing. The custom designed backdrop had two layers, tangerine orange organza & chocolate brown drapes. The chocolate brown drapes had tangerine orange tiebacks with a narrower red band in the middle embellished with a paisley design embroidered in gold thread. The backdrop was embellished with tangerine orange, burnt orange and red peony floral garlands.

• Custom designed orange & red pillows were made especially for the Sangeet stage for the musicians & singers to sit and lean on during their performances. Cylinder pillows, called Tuckias, were embellished with gold tissue organza & silk bands, embroidered with paisley designs in gold thread. The hand crafted bands gave a sophisticated finish to the rich regal pillows.

• Centerpieces were custom designed Altan Gallery paisley lanterns embellished with tangerine orange, burnt orange and red peony flowers and sprinkled rose petals.

• Altan Gallery designed all the stationery at the Sangeet – reserved table cards, Buffet/Food Name Cards…

Their wedding was at the Sikh Gurdwara in Escondido California. Another glorious San Diego winter’s day, perfect for a fabulous wedding. The groom made a royal arrival on a horse and the bride was glowing and looked absolutely gorgeous. Altan Gallery designed all the floral décor in the Gurdwara as well as the bride and groom’s elegant wedding garlands.

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