Here is a chance to view some wonderful events which Altan Gallery has created.  Notice all the details and how they all tie into the theme and design of the event which reflect the bride and groom’s vision & personality with elements of surprise.  Let our team of experts create the perfect event for you.

Nisha & Ketan Wedding & Reception

Neil & Gillianne Santos Wedding

Jha House Blessing & Dinner Party

Nick & Priya’s Napa Wedding & Reception

Kamlesh & Nisha Wedding & Reception

Jayme & Ketan Wedding & Reception

Yogesh’s 40th B-day Celebration

Gurdas & Anu Sangeet Night

Nijor Baby Shower

Poonam & Rajender 25th Anniversary Reception

Gina & Harshad Reception

Marriott Hotel Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch